Brad Dixson is the ultimate rebel. Most of the time anyway. He has a B.S. degree in Finance. He owns a home in Ohio where he resides with his two dogs. When he's not writing, he enjoys playing basketball, running with the dogs, and a serious game of checkers with Bo. Bungee can't play yet. He jumps around way too much so he tend to lose focus. He believes that a man without a plan is doomed to fail. He got tired of failing so he made a plan.  When the recession hit, like so many others, he lost his job.  During the process, he hoped to find another job. But when that didn't happen, he started searching for ways to save money without going off the grid. That journey lead him to write about those experiences.  His books have helped the people closest to him. Now it's time to share the information with others.  The journey continues!